Our Super Hard Keramik 3cm collection is a 3 cm (1 ¼”) thick solid porcelain flooring product designed for strength. It is characterized by the same high standard of 2cm thick products, but with a much higher bending strength and higher load bearing capabilities. Keramik 3cm is a perfect alternative to composite, concrete, concrete pavers, or any other outdoor surfacing material, and it can even be installed over a gravel bed!

The Basic Keramic 3cm collection is available in 4 colors: Basic Amalfi, Basic Avignone, Basic Bergamo, and Basic Ginevra.

Amalfi, Bergamo, and Ginevra are available as 36″x36″ and 24″x24″ tiles, while Avignone is only available as 24″x24″ tiles. Ginevra shows a light color variation (V1), while the other three colors have a moderate color variation (V2).

All tiles in our Keramic 3cm Basic collection have a slip resistance rating of R11, meaning they’re a safe choice for commercial applications in outdoor spaces where they can sometimes get wet, are stain-proof and anti-frost, and have colored bodies.

  • Outdoor
  • Imported
Color Family
  • Cool and Warm Greys
  • Beiges and Tans
  • The 3cm Keramik Collection

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